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Acces DIGIHUB-Demo

What is DIGIHUB?

· An application that harvests metadata using OAI-PMH.

· It stores the resources supplied by multiple providers in a single repository, which allows these resources to be subsequently added to national and international projects such as Hispana or Europeana.

Who is DIGIHUB aimed at?

  • Libraries,
  • Archives
  • and Museums,

whether taken individually or as part of Networks, Consortia, Groups or Associations, which are interested in joint harvesting of their metadata through the internet.

· Ideal for national and thematic aggregators

Do you know that DIGIHUB...?

  • … is the program used by Hispana, the Spanish Digital Collection Directory and Harvester, since 2006?
  • … has allowed Hispana to have already harvested 202 repositories, 4,709,048 digital objects and include a directory of 602 digital collections? (data from 12 November 2013).
  • … has allowed Hispana to become the fourth largest data provider for Europeana and provide 80% of all Spanish contributions to the European project?
  • … sends data harvested to the Digital Public Library of America, Europeana and Hispana using the OAI-PMH protocol?
  • … uses Linked Open Data and allows users to publish structured and enriched contents by linking resources from different sources?
  • … allows users to automatically enrich the records harvested so they can later be sent to Europeana?
  • … allows users to harvest data from multiple digital collections regardless of their source or document types?
  • … allows users to join digitisation projects and offer a query system that contributes to avoiding duplication, prioritising documentation to be digitised and represent an access point to all these digital resources?
  • … features an API for the development of applications or interfaces from the data harvested, making it possible for it to be displayed in mobile devices?


DIGIHUB is a registered trademark of the Spanish company DIGIBÍS.