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DIGIBIB for Libraries


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What is DIGIBIB?

DIGIBIB is a tool that allows for the management of a physical and digital collection in a fully integrated fashion without the need for external tools.

The latest version is DIGIBIB 10

This is a tool based on the management of standardised metadata from bibliographical records, copies, authorities and digital objects through MARC 21 (up. 23), MARCXML, Dublin Core, METS (1.11), ALTO (3.1), ESE 3.4 (Europeana Semantic Elements), EDM 5.2.8 (Europeana Data Model)) and LOD (Linked Open Data).

Who is DIGIBIB aimed at?

DIGIBIB is aimed at

  • physical libraries,
  • virtual libraries,
  • documentation centres

and general archival institutions interested in the management, recovery and preservation of bibliographical materials in a digital, linked and open environment.

See Digital Libraries produced by DIGIBÍS.

Do you know that DIGIBIB...

  • ... is a product that integrates the physical collection in a library with its digital collection while preventing the duplication of maintenance tasks?
  • … is based on the management of MARC 21, MARCXML, Dublin Core, METS, ALTO, ESE 3.4, EDM 5.2.7 and LOD.
  • … is updated to the latest version of MARC 21 (November 2016) allowing for quick adaptation to RDA?
  • … is a pioneer in the adaptation of OAI repositories to EDM?
  • … is the most prominent Spanish software in Europeana, the European Digital Library. More than 74% of the digital content added to Europeana, through Hispana, works with a DIGIBIB.
  • … is the software used by the Polymath Virtual Library, chosen as an EDM case study by Europeana?
  • … is the most important Spanish software in Europeana and 60% of the contents supplied by the Spanish aggregator, Hispana, come from DIGIBIB?


DIGIBIB is a registered trademark of the Spanish company DIGIBÍS.