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International Standards used by DIGIHUB


DIGIHUB is compliant with the OAI-PMH v. 2.0 protocol used for the transmission of metadata over the Internet, which uses HTTP transactions to send queries and obtain responses between a repository and a metadata harvester.

The fundamental characteristic that defines the DIGIHUB program is the use of current regulations. For this reason, development of DIGIHUB components has been carried out under the direction of the following premises:


DIGIHUB harvests over twenty metadata schemas used in OAI repositories. This versatility in harvesting different metadata schemas allows resources to be harvested in multiple formats in addition to being harvested in Dublin Core (DCMI). Thus, archival descriptions can be harvested in EAD, bibliographic descriptions in MARC 21 and museum pieces in LIDO.

Among the main metadata schemas harvested by DIGIHUB, we can highlight:

• OAI_DC                                                                       • MARC 21 Update 24 (may, 2017)

• ESE 3.4                                                                       • DIDL

• EDM 5.2.8                                                                   • OAI_MARC

• EAD3                                                                          • METS 1.11

• EAC-CPF                                                                     • MODS 3.6

• LIDO                                                                          • DPLA Metadata Application Profile v3


DIGIHUB includes a repository adapted to Dublin Core (DCMI) and, additionally, to the specifications of European projects such as Europeana:

  • Europeana Semantic Elements 3.4
  • Europeana Data Model  5.2.8

Character sets

DIGIHUB exports resources in the following character sets:

  • ISO 8859 Latin 1
  • Unicode UTF-8
  • MARC-8