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Careful and rigorous electronic publications

We take care of the edition of electronic books, also called digital books, cyber-books or eBooks.

Our publications can be read on personal computers, with free software available for this purpose, and on reading devices, tablets or mobile phones.

These are careful, organised and rigorous electronic editions, which faithfully adapt their contents to the work or works they reproduce, respecting footnotes and illustrations, if any, as well as the metadata of the printed and digital work.

See Complete Works of Menéndez Pelayo at the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation.

See Utopía de la Nueva América by Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi, at the MAPFRE 1492 Collections micro-site of the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation.


We are interested in formats with an appearance that fits orderly in the screens of the devices used for reading and that offer different features, such as changing font sizes, displaying images free of text, placing markers, extracting citations, automatically creating tables of contents, etc.

In this sense, the two most characteristic eBook formats are:

  • ePub (an acronym of Electronic Publication): created by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). It can be read on a wide variety of digital platforms.
  • Mobi: created by Mobipocket, a company absorbed by Amazon in 2005. It can only be read on Kindle devices. Amazon Kindle also has a proprietary format based on Mobi.

Both formats are resizable, open source (based on Open eBook specifications) and adequate to read text and images.

At DIGIBÍS, we publish eBooks in both formats. We thereby ensure they can be read on any device.

Terms that should be distinguished

One must distinguish between

  • The eBook reader or device that allows eBooks to be read, also called an eReader.
  • The actual eBook or an electronic publication in general, that can be read with the aforementioned device.
  • The format (usually ePub or Mobi) used to store the electronic file containing the eBook once published, so it can be read on the reader mentioned above.

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Free downloads

  • Download Adobe Digital Editions to read ePub files on a computer or mobile device.
  • Download Mobipocket Reader to read mobi files on a computer or mobile device.
  • Download Kindle Reader to read mobi files on a computer or mobile device.