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At DIGIBÍS, while maintaining our focus on the efficiency of our products, we have set the goal of creating true models of action regarding the field of information structuring, subject to changes in standards, in order to promote its fluidity and exchange among institutions.

We especially keep in mind the standards coming from Europeana and the Linked Open Data initiative promoted by the W3C and the library world. This is without forgetting the aspects worked by the Library of Congress and other institutions involved in these protocols.

A few results of our R&D&I strategy

The Ignacio Larramendi Foundation in a sense represents our test lab. It is entirely produced by DIGIBÍS and, in it, we usually implement new features before implementing them at any other website, so they may later benefit the rest of our customers.

A very important part of this website is the Ignacio Larramendi Virtual Polymath Library, where the life and work of hundreds of Latin American authors, scientists and thinkers, generically referred to as polymaths, can be accessed.

—   The Polymath Virtual Library, produced by DIGIBÍS, has been selected as a Case Study by the Bibliographic Data Cluster of the W3C.

—   This same Polymath Virtual Library was selected by Europeana as an EDM Case Study.

—   Europeana has also selected the Polymath Virtual Library as an EDM Case Study in the implementation of its API and the Montiano Archive has selected it as a case study for the recommendations to structure hierarchical objects, recommendations which have been studied and proposed by DIGIBÍS and the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation and approved by Europeana.

Open-source technology

These technologies have allowed for the development, implementation and entry into production of projects using open-source technology, such as Linux and Apache, in addition to being able to work with versions of Runtime, SQL Server and Oracle.